Optical Society Press Releases

Since 2015 we have regularly provided communications and media promotion services to The Optical Society, publisher of multiple high-impact journals in the areas of optics and photonics.

For this work, we screen manuscripts for newsworthiness, interview researchers, develop press releases or other communications products and interface with Society stakeholders to review and finalize the stories.

This work has helped broaden the public’s understanding of the impacts and importance of basic and applied physics and generated news coverage in popular, scientific and trade publications.  Continue reading

Marketing and Social Media Consulting

We provide marketing and social media consulting services to clients including the Koshland Science Museum, the Experimental Biology Annual Conference, the Nicholas School of the Environment and the Internet Tobacco Vendors Study. As part of this work, we have:

  • Managed institutional Twitter and Facebook feeds and advised on social media strategy
  • Conducted website audits and revamps to optimize web content for maximum visibility
  • Engaged with target audiences to develop and evaluate outreach strategies
  • Served as media liaison
  • Created flyers, email blasts and other marketing collateral
  • Developed and promoted events and programs

These efforts have significantly enhanced clients’ ability to effectively identify and reach target audiences in a crowded media environment. Continue reading

Research Frontiers in Bioinspired Energy

Anne developed all of the content for this website highlighting extraordinary research that seeks to develop new energy technologies based on nature. The work was done for the U.S. National Academy of Sciences as part of an outreach effort profiling cutting-edge research at the intersection of biology and chemistry.

In addition to interviewing researchers, gathering source material, writing researcher profiles and gathering images, Anne also wrote and voiced the website’s two videos and worked with animator Stacy Jannis to develop and refine the video imagery. Continue reading

Conference Media Relations

Our team has provided media relations services and developed dozens of press releases to draw attention to key research findings presented at scientific conferences. As part of this work, we help guide topic selection, build media contact lists, prepare press releases and media briefs, pitch news stories, interface with researchers and the press, promote topics on social media and track media coverage.

This work has resulted in hundreds of media placements including articles in The Washington Post, Yahoo! News, LA Times, Fox News, ABC News, Huffington Post, IFLScience, TIME, Newsweek, National Geographic and numerous other high-impact media outlets. We’ve tracked traditional and social media coverage in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Continue reading

Biomedical Press Releases

We have written numerous press releases to help UNC Health Care, UNC School of Medicine, UNC School of Nursing and their partner institutes communicate about basic research findings and the latest advances in medical care. This work has helped generate coverage in The Washington Post, USA Today, National Public Radio, BBC News and other high-impact media outlets.

For each press release, we review scientific papers or other source material, interview the research team and prepare an engaging summary that will hook lay readers without “dumbing down” the research. Topics range from new surgical techniques to what basic chemistry can tell us about the origins of life on Earth. Continue reading

Journal Papers & Grant Proposals

We routinely provide writing and editing services to help researchers develop journal papers and grant proposals. We are familiar with the strict timing and formatting constraints involved in these products and provide quick-turnaround services to ensure clients stay on track for submission deadlines.

Depending on client needs and resources, we can provide consultation early in the development process to help researchers define and scope their paper or project, provide last-minute copyediting/proofreading, or anything in between. Continue reading

Plant Sciences Booklet

Anne wrote this 24-page educational booklet while a communications officer at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Intended for a lay audience, it describes cutting-edge plant research and conveys the crucial role of plant sciences in advancing agriculture, biofuels, medicine, and other areas of innovation.

Anne developed the written content, conducted image research, and shepherded the booklet through an intensive expert review process to ensure accuracy and consistency with National Research Council reports. Continue reading