Annual Reports

Our team enjoys showcasing our clients’ scientific achievements. We regularly create content for annual brochures, working closely with staff and affiliated scientists to develop eye-catching research profiles to highlight key contributions. 

Example projects include:

  • Creating annual brochures for the Coalition for Scientific Academic Computation since 2015. We interview experts in energy, physics, astronomy, medicine and manufacturing to explore how high-performance computing has revolutionized how science is done.
  • Developing annual reports for the independent research organization Health Effects Institute since 2017 and editing its State of Global Air reports since 2019. These reports highlight the latest findings and research advances in air pollution and its health effects.
  • Contributing to the annual brochures of medical organizations and hospitals in the southeastern United States.

Content developed by our team has been consistently well-received and many clients comment that our drafts require very little editing from researchers and program staff. Staff report that the brochures are highly successful in reaching target audiences such as policy makers, donors and other stakeholders.

Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation 2024 Brochure

Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation 2023 Brochure

Air Quality and Health in Cities: A State of Global Air Report

The State of Air Quality and Health Impacts in Africa

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