Media Relations

Our team provides comprehensive media relations services to draw attention to the latest research findings. We identify newsworthy research, build media lists, create press materials, interface with researchers and reporters, generate social media buzz and track coverage.

This work has helped generate coverage in high-impact media outlets such as CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, The New York Times, The Washington PostUSA Today, National Public Radio and BBC News. We’ve tracked media coverage on every continent except Antarctica, though we’re pretty sure penguins would like our work if they could read. 

Scientific Conferences

We support the media programs of several major scientific conferences, including Nutrition annually since 2018, DiscoverBMB annually since 2023, the American Physiology Summit annually since 2023 and Experimental Biology from 2014-2022, among others. In addition to screening abstracts and developing press materials, this work has included social media outreach, staffing on-site newsrooms and hosting live press conferences.

Ongoing Media Support

We regularly develop press releases and other outreach materials to spread the word about scientific publications and major announcements. Clients have included Optica, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, UNC Health Care, RENCI and others.

Examples of our work:

Experimental Biology 2022 Virtual Press Conference

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