Podcasts on the Environment

Anne has produced and hosted more than 50 podcast episodes highlighting issues at the intersection of human health and the environment. Episodes feature interviews with experts from around the world and cover high-impact environmental issues such as climate change, chemical exposures, children’s health and more.

For example, as part of a previous job with government contractor MDB, Inc., Anne produced and hosted two podcast series of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health. The series, called Environmental Health Chat and Global Environmental Health Chat explore key environmental health topics such as the health impacts of fracking, arsenic in food, prenatal health and reducing harmful exposures in the home.

Our team has also developed podcasts for the Thriving Earth Exchange of the American Geophysical Union. These podcasts highlight ways in which Earth scientists are working with local communities across the United States to help inform responses to issues such as climate change and pollution.

For each episode, Anne develops a comprehensive podcast plan, interviews 1-2 experts, voices and edits the podcast and develops and implements a dissemination plan. The podcasts have been widely disseminated to target audiences spanning the research community and the general public.

Example Environmental Health Chat episodes include:

Example Thriving Earth Exchange episodes include:

Feature image courtesy of Citycommunications, Wikimedia Commons. 

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