Pollinator Wheel

Sometimes you need more than words to get your message across.

In this project done while Anne was a Communications Officer at the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Anne worked with leading researchers and public outreach organizations to determine the best channel and format for reaching kids and gardeners with key messages about the value of pollinators.

The result was an innovative interactive wheel. Measuring about 10” wide, the wheel provides a fun and engaging way to learn about nature’s pollinators and get tips on how to plant a pollinator-friendly garden. One side offers information about the different types of pollinators and their preferences, while the other side shows beneficial plants to add to your garden to support these important critters. Spinning the wheel lets you see different types of pollinators and flowers.

Anne also adapted the wheel’s content for the National Academies’ Resources on Pollinators website and wrote a related report brief, Status of Pollinators in North America.

Pollinator Wheel

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